Here are what people who have worked with Tilden Martin have to say about him and his companies.
“I worked with Tilden and his company while I was a Sales and IT Recruiter with Coors Brewing Company. Tilden consistently presented excellent candidates to me for my open positions. His tenacity and patience made our working relationship a smooth one. It was a pleasure working with him in that capacity, and I continue to work with his firm in my present position with the Ascent Services Group.”
“Tilden is an excellent example of a business partner. He teamed up with Coors to bring in the best talent in Marketing and Sales positions. He understands what top talent looks like and was consistent in providing the level and capabilities we needed to succeed. I would recommend Tilden and the Roswell group for your consideration.”
“Tilden is one of the best executive recruiters I have known over the last 12 years or so. He spends the extra time with candidates to make sure they are fully qualified for a position before they are submitted. Tilden has a thorough knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry and is considered the "go to" guy within the beverage and spirits industry in particular. The Roswell Group operates with the utmost professionalism and integrity.”
“Tilden and I have had a long standing relationship for several years and I truly consider him a person that has my best interest at heart no matter what the situation. He was a mentor and friend to me and my family when he was running a multi million dollar organization and I was a young sales rep just starting out. A true gentleman that I would recommend anyone feel comfortable in doing business with.”
“Tilden's strong leadership and managerial skills allows him to be a strong provider of talent to various organizations and industries.”
“Tilden is a top-notch recruiter with many contacts in the beverage industry. Tilden has the most thorough follow-up of any of the recruiters I have worked with and is dedicated to matching the right person with the right position. Due to Tilden's follow-up, contacts, and professionalism, I would absolutely recommend Tilden Martin and The Roswell Group.”
“I can honestly say that I respect Tilden and see him as the epitome of what a recruiter should aspire. Tilden is polite, courteous, direct and always responsive. During these difficult economic times, having an esteemed advocate such as Tilden is indispensable. Tilden is well-respected in the beverage community and is a credit to his profession. I would be glad to work with Tilden whenever possible.”
“Tilden is the consummate professional. His ability to understand his clients and his prospects allows Tilden to bring the best people together. His business experience and market savvy puts The Roswell Group at the top of the executive search business.” Tilden is extremely thorough and professional in how puts his clients together with job candidates. He seeks that perfect pairing of client and career opportunity.”
“I've known Tilden since the 80's and he always been there for beverage knowledge, ideas, support, action and accomplishment.”
“I've worked with Tilden on a number of occasions to find candidates for some very specialized roles that require uniquely qualified candidates. Tilden saves me significant time through his thorough screening and has always been able to identify they types of people I need. He is very responsive and I can depend on him to tell me like it is.”
“I worked with Tilden for many years when he was working for a major beer distributor in Atlanta. We were not the biggest brewery they dealt with but Tilden always gave us the respect and was very proactive in seeking solutions for increasing our sales, merchandising and consumer sampling. I then was able to work with him at Roswell group both hiring and recommending employees. Always the consummate professional with great follow up and customer service. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the same.”
“Tilden is a wonderful recruiter who is experienced in finding the right fit for his clients. He is extremely communicative throughout the process while providing as much guidance and insight as possible. He is great at negotiating in the best interest of his candidates, and I would highly recommend him to any recruiting firm.”
“Tilden Martin personifies integrity. Besides his well respected business experience, Tilden has remarkable follow up, genuinely cares for those he works with and goes the extra mile in support of friends and clients. I have recommended Tilden to others and will use The Roswell Group as needed for business and personal resources.”
“Tilden is a professional person who makes it his business to find the best qualified candidates for his clients. He is much more interested in finding the right fit for candidates and companies that he represents, than simply making a commission. I highly recommend Tilden for any recruiting needs.”
“Tilden Martin and The Roswell Group continue to be extremely professional, candid and invested in building a long-term business partnership with the individuals they represent. I've found Tilden to not only be proactive in finding suitable employment opportunities, but receptive to ideas and recommendations that helped me advance my career goals. He still has maintained a business relationship and network as he works for other clients he represents. Gene Gillespie Vice President, Strategic Accounts Communispace Corp”
“Tilden is a professional and diligent business partner who I have had the pleasure of staying in contact with for years. He is a seasoned veteran who I appreciate having in my Rolodex.”
“from the initial communication I believed that I was working with a true professional in the industry. our preparation, execution and follow up was tremendous!”
“I have known Tilden for over 30 years and his integrity, professionalism and expert knowledge in the recruiting/placement field has been exemplary, and quite frankly, unmatched against others. Tilden works tirelessly for his clients and consistently maintains communication on the progress of a search/placement. He is well respected and well known within key industries and he holds significant relationships with key influencers in the market. I highly recommend Tilden for his compassion and diligence in his work.”
“Tilden is a top recruiter in the wine, spirits, and beer industry. I have found Tilden to be extremely professional and he understands his client companies very well. He is very well-connected in the industry and does a solid job of matching company need and talent.”

“Tilden is an excellent recruiter, always professional in his approach to a search. He works with the client to thoroughly understand their needs, then carefully screens candidates to identify potential matches. He is responsive, detail oriented, and insightful. I would work with Tilden on any future searches I may be conducting.”
“Tilden was a trusted resource during an important project at Allied Domecq. He provided a quality product consistently.”
“Tilden has become a critical asset to the successes of my career. He has been thoughtful and professional when using his contacts within the industry to introduce lasting business relationships. He highly sought after, and I am honored to have worked with him.”
“In my working experience with Tilden, I've found him to be both a champion for his clients, as well as an energetic and aggressive recruiter for his customer. His integrity is unquestionable, and his passion for what he does is undeniable. A true pleasure to work with.”
“Tilden Martin has a wide network of talented individuals and is always ready to help when we have at talent need. I have worked with Tilden many times and he is fantastic at providing a few great fits for the opportunity quickly that make the openings we have had, close very quickly with great people.”
“Tilden is one of the few in his field I felt I could rely 100%. He is truly professional in every way and goes beyond what's expected. I highly recommend using the Roswell group in your business.”
“In the 25 years that I have dealt with building sales forces, Tilden stands out as an exceptional partner. Tilden is a professional that can understand the demands of a unique corporate culture and deliver incitefull advice on both a strategic and personal level. I highly recommend Tilden as a confidant and consultant to build a strong organization.”
“As a recruiter of top talent, Tilden has the right balance of people skills, industry expertise and business judgment. He takes a personal interest in you, takes the time to provide constructive feedback and gives honest recommendations about what's best for you and for the client. Having done business with Tilden over the years, I've always appreciated his straightforward and considerate approach to people and the business.”
“If I was in the hunt for a role, Tilden would be one of the first I would call. He has an exceptional personal and professional network; people are drawn to him due in part to his Southern style and grace, and his genuine caring attitude.”
“Tilden is a joy to work with and his industry knowledge & professionalism (beverage) is outstanding. He truly gets to know your capabilities and matches them up to potential jobs that will enhance your resume, give you a challenge and ensures the client is getting an employee that will bring the best possible attributes to the position. I recommend him highly and have stayed in touch over the years even when I've not been in the market for something new. One of the many benefits of having Tilden behind you is that he will reach out if he feels that there is something opening up for which you could potentially be a good fit.”
“Tilden is buttoned up and exudes a high degree of professionalism. He has a structured approach to business and is very customer friendly. He possesses a rare quality of doing what he says he will do.”
“Tilden is a consummate professional who is extremely committed to his work and has good judgment on what is needed to satisfy his client's needs.”
“Tilden is one of the best recruiters in the beverage alcohol and CPG categories. He is a man of great integrity and always goes the extra mile in servicing his clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend you contact him for your recruiting needs.”
"Tilden is a top-notch recruiter at the top of his game. His in-depth knowledge of the beverage and consumer products industry gives him the ability to connect the right people to the right position. He is extremely organized and detail oriented, and is a great business partner."